Building Value with Danielle Putnam of The New Flat Rate

Do you know how to build value? What kind of value do you build? One that is valuable to you or those around you? Can you transfer that value or better yet, help others to see the value for them?

Whether you are selling or a business owner you need to know how to build value, not just for you but for everyone else around you. As a business owner, you must learn how to help your employees feel valued. As a salesperson you must help the customer see the value in your product or service.

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The True Man Podcast and The Red Chair Experience

I got the chance to sit and talk with Mike Van Pelt on the True Man Podcast. We talked about The Red Chair Experience book and how it can give us inspiration for the day or even motivate us to start the day.

Mike has started a movement to help men get unstuck from different aspects of their lives. What are you wanting to change today? Listen to this episode or others on the One Way Coach website.

What is the red chair? Do you have some special memorabilia that has been passed down through your family?

What is it like to write a book? What is the best part of writing a book?

What is Cryotherapy? Check out IceBox Cryotherapy - Midtown Atlanta.



Where is your red chair and do you visit it often?

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