Making a contribution in life and business

Do you want to help people or make a contribution? Helping people implies that they have a problem and can put people on the defensive. If we contribute then we are a guide along the path. We can collaborate with people and maybe find a beneficial solution. On this podcast, Sales Made Easy with Harry Spaight, we talk about:

  • The Red Chair Experience
    • What was the inspiration for the book
    • What can you you get from the book
    • What is a red chair experience and how do you find yours
  • How to contribute to others success.

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Let’s Talk Leverage

When it comes to collaboration, are you working with someone that can help you leverage your business, product, or service?


In this episode of Let's Talk Leverage with Deborah Thorne, The Information Diva, we discuss The Red Chair Experience. We talk about business and how we move forward with the life experience that we have had. What does it take to write a book, start a business, and relationship building?

"Done is better than perfect any day." You will never be perfect but we do the best that we can every day.

If you are looking for someone to collaborate with reach out to us here or set up a time on our calendar here.


Affirmations in Your Life

ā€œIā€™m an artist; affirmation is like catnip to me.ā€ ā€“ Andrea Riseborough

Are you someone that feels the tug and need for affirmation? I am that type of person. I can be left to do a job and when I am finished it is not enough for me to know that I have done a good job. I like to hear that other people think I did a good job as well. Once I hear that I can move on but if I do not hear that I start to wonder if they think I am doing a decent job. That can lead to too many conversations in my head that usually do not end well for me.

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