The Red Chair Experience

Daily Inspiration For Success In Life & Business

“A journey of a thousand Chinese miles starts beneath one's feet” – Chinese proverb 

The Red Chair Experience

When you seek inspiration, hope, truth, or more depth: often those wishes, comforts, or other pursuits will elude you. Frustration is natural. You go to your favorite relaxing spot. Maybe you have a place like a trail, a body of water, or even a simple chair that you go to that envelops and comforts you, bringing a deep sense of peace.  With these 366 entries, you will find a daily dose of inspiration. The Red Chair Experience is written for uplifting your heart and soul, or to find new opportunities. When implemented the concepts of these pages will help you develop intimacy, integrity, and spirituality with yourself and others.

We all need our alone time to refocus or find balance in our lives. So, grab a cup of coffee, find your red chair, and let’s begin your life changing journey. You can change everything with your next decision. Get inspired, take action, step out of your comfort zone. Become a new or better version of yourself. You can heal past wounds, reconnect with loved ones, chase dreams, and most of all follow your passion.

This is your moment!


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Lucia, Clinical Psychologist

Easy to digest daily insights and thought challenges that also inspire delving deeper into the reader’s assumptions. Chris Michel invites his readers on a path of insight and curiosity, with an eye toward cultivating compassion toward themselves and others. A wonderful addition to anyone’s daily self-care!


Having known Chris for years I am pleased that he is sharing his wisdom and candor with those of us fortunate enough to obtain his book! God Bless Bob Casteel

Chris Westfall
best-selling author of "Easier" and "Leadership Language"

"Chris Michel has created a fresh space for tackling life's challenges. The Red Chair is a seat at the table, and it's reserved for you - so that you can access clear-headed ideas from inside the coaching conversation. Creative and inspiring, this book will point you towards greater resilience and resourcefulness on a daily basis."

Jennifer Andersen Smith
Inspirational Speaker and author of “So That: For Relationships”

“This book is a wonderful compilation of Chris' great wisdom and wit. All with this goal for you to take a moment for yourself in the whirlwind of life!” – Jennifer Andersen Smith, Inspirational Speaker and author of “So That: For Relationships”

Bob Casteel
Founder and former owner of Casteel Cooling, Heating, Plumbing, and Electric

“Wow this is deep, and every thought is relevant! This type of reading can be enjoyed by anyone that is introspective wanting to simply achieve a more balanced emotional life. This would be a great resource sitting beside one’s Bible at their favorite ‘red leather chair’!”

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