Making a contribution in life and business

Do you want to help people or make a contribution? Helping people implies that they have a problem and can put people on the defensive. If we contribute then we are a guide along the path. We can collaborate with people and maybe find a beneficial solution. On this podcast, Sales Made Easy with Harry Spaight, we talk about:

  • The Red Chair Experience
    • What was the inspiration for the book
    • What can you you get from the book
    • What is a red chair experience and how do you find yours
  • How to contribute to others success.

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Let’s Talk Leverage

When it comes to collaboration, are you working with someone that can help you leverage your business, product, or service?


In this episode of Let's Talk Leverage with Deborah Thorne, The Information Diva, we discuss The Red Chair Experience. We talk about business and how we move forward with the life experience that we have had. What does it take to write a book, start a business, and relationship building?

"Done is better than perfect any day." You will never be perfect but we do the best that we can every day.

If you are looking for someone to collaborate with reach out to us here or set up a time on our calendar here.


Affirmations in Your Life

“I’m an artist; affirmation is like catnip to me.” – Andrea Riseborough

Are you someone that feels the tug and need for affirmation? I am that type of person. I can be left to do a job and when I am finished it is not enough for me to know that I have done a good job. I like to hear that other people think I did a good job as well. Once I hear that I can move on but if I do not hear that I start to wonder if they think I am doing a decent job. That can lead to too many conversations in my head that usually do not end well for me.

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Building Value with Danielle Putnam of The New Flat Rate

Do you know how to build value? What kind of value do you build? One that is valuable to you or those around you? Can you transfer that value or better yet, help others to see the value for them?

Whether you are selling or a business owner you need to know how to build value, not just for you but for everyone else around you. As a business owner, you must learn how to help your employees feel valued. As a salesperson you must help the customer see the value in your product or service.

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The True Man Podcast and The Red Chair Experience

I got the chance to sit and talk with Mike Van Pelt on the True Man Podcast. We talked about The Red Chair Experience book and how it can give us inspiration for the day or even motivate us to start the day.

Mike has started a movement to help men get unstuck from different aspects of their lives. What are you wanting to change today? Listen to this episode or others on the One Way Coach website.

What is the red chair? Do you have some special memorabilia that has been passed down through your family?

What is it like to write a book? What is the best part of writing a book?

What is Cryotherapy? Check out IceBox Cryotherapy - Midtown Atlanta.



Where is your red chair and do you visit it often?

Contact us for more information or buy your signed copy of The Red Chair Experience here.

Delayed Dreams – an excerpt from The Red Chair Experience

“You pile up enough tomorrows, and you'll find you are left with nothing but a lot of empty yesterdays.” - Meredith Willson

You have the opportunity sitting right in front of you and you are afraid to make a mistake or step off the proverbial ledge. What are you waiting for? Maybe you’ve been hurt or burned in the past and now you do not want that to happen again. You were down for the count way too long and you cannot afford to make the same mistake. Maybe you learned what you needed to last time. Maybe you tried to take that step and you were spared from a whole lot more than just some character building on your part. Meredith Willson

I can remember a time in my career that I had some leadership opportunities, and I had some good experiences but then they were followed by a couple of bad experiences due to poor leaders, mostly. But it hurt and caused me to question if I was a good leader or if I ever wanted to lead people again. I said it out loud, explaining how I did not want to do that again. I was speaking to my mom recently and she reminded me of that statement that I made years ago. I thought more about what I said and when I said it and how I felt when I said it. I then thought, I can lead, and I said those things when I was hurt, and I did not want to get hurt again. Pain is what causes us to grow if we let it. I have become a better person and leader because of those situations. Your dreams are delayed only by you and the steps that you do not take.

Today, I will look for the ways that I will no longer delay my dreams and put aside my hurts long enough to see what lies ahead and how I can step out on my dreams.

We all have a chance to do something today that can move us in the direction that we want or need. What is keeping you from making that decision?  If you are looking to get better at sales or wanting to grow your business contact us to set up a free 30-minute conversation about your goals.

When You Survive This

“When you survive this, it will not be because someone said you could - Although it’s good to be reminded from time to time. And when you survive this, it will not be because you had money in the bank or a roof over your head - Because there may come a time when you have neither, and still, you will survive this.” – Peter Chyikowski

This title could be a mantra, a reminder of what you want or need in your life. It could be a speech given by a coach or a mentor that inspires you to push through the tough times or the grief. It could be something that you say to yourself over and over to help remind yourself of the great things to come. It is a short story, and the above is only a small clip of the total short story. Learn more about the author Peter Chyikowski.

I found out about 2 months ago, that another friend of mine lost his battle with mental illness. It reminds me that the struggle is real on a daily basis. My best friend from high school talked to him the morning of his death. Shared what he could, tried to encourage him, but it was not enough to overcome the demons.  Since then, that same best friend from high school past away and about 3 weeks later we lost another schoolmate. Both are pictured at a reunion a few years ago.

We all have our own unique struggles. Just because your struggle is not a matter of life or death does not make it less important. It is the reality that you are living in right now. When we take on the mindset that, “When you survive this…” we will have a stronger chance of getting through whatever we may be dealing with. It could be a job loss, a relationship that did not turn out the way we wanted, or even a test in school that we failed. We all have a story to tell. Stories of how we survived this or that. Some are more dramatic than others but what a great story to tell. This is how I survived that! What are you struggling with right now? Can you tell yourself, “When you get through this?” You will have a great story or strength to tell and maybe it will help someone else survive this.

Though we have all these things that happen around us we can find a way to work with and through the feelings of hurt and sadness.  This is not the time to give up or quit fighting.  This is a time to grab hold of our friends and family to let them know that we love them and we need them, and they need you too.

Today, I will remember the phrase, “When you survive this,” so I can look to the future and see the strength that I will have as a result. I will see the person I will become and know that I will be able to share with others how I survived. 

Excerpt from The Red Chair Experience by Chris Michel 


Who Will Help You Reach Your Goals?

“Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” - Vince Lombardi

Everyone is an individual.  They are creative in their own way.  Some can write, others can speak, still others sing, lead people, organize others, and the list can go on.  We can do things by ourselves and can do them well.  We all have been part of a team at some point in our lives.  We had to work with others and get along with people so we could do something together.  Create something as a team instead of just as one person.

Could we do the project or work by ourselves?  Maybe.  Too often we think that we want to be alone and not have to work with others.  We are seeing a shift in the workforce as I write this, where people want to work from home.  Apart from their coworkers.  Working alone has some advantages and disadvantages but the key question is, can we work together?

I have been blessed to get to work with a number of people in my life.  This collage is a representation of a few of those people that I got to collaborate with.  I have been an individual contributor most of my career.  All that means is that I was there to sell it to the client.  Someone set the appointment after taking the call, that was placed by a customer that saw an advertisement, that someone created.  I can go out and sell on my own, but I need someone to make the product, I need someone to deliver the product or even install the product.  I will need someone to account for the transaction that I help create as well, so that everyone can get paid.  Also, someone needs to write the checks to pay everyone.  This could be a small company and all those jobs are held by one person.  Most of the time, we need to focus on what we can do well and let others do what they do well.  When we collaborate, we can bring different strengths to the table and accomplish so much more.  We can work on a project together and the ideas that flow are multiplied because someone said something that sparked you to think of something else, and so on.  I believe this is what spawned the saying the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

What has collaboration done for you?  Have you been able to work with others to create something?  We have the chance to work with others all the time, but we get to choose who we will collaborate with.  Do you need to find someone to help with a part of your business?  Do you need some software to help you manage your business or your team better?  Do you need a coach to help you in your personal or professional life?  Do you need help with marketing, HR, accounting, or sales?  In the book Who Not How by Dan Sullivan with Dr. Benjamin Hardy, they talk about getting people involved who can do the how instead of you trying to figure it out yourself.  Isn't that one of the goals of collaboration, finding people who are more skilled at something and letting them do it?

If you are ready to work with someone on your sales then contact us for a free 30-minute conversation to see if we can contribute to what you are doing.

Out with the Old and in with the New

“The studio is a laboratory, not a factory.  An exhibition is the result of your experiments, but the process is never-ending.  So, an exhibition is not a conclusion.” - Chris Ofili

The end of anything is the time to conclude, summarize, and evaluate how the process, program, whatever you are finishing.  Some people look at the end of a calendar year as a chance to do just that, evaluate the previous year and make some decisions and even goals for the upcoming year.  We can look at the end of the year as a chance to beat ourselves up over the lack of progress or lack of goals achieved in the past year.  Year-end should be simply an evaluation of did this get done or not, without any judgement.  That can be hard to do.  Simply reviewing the prior year to gain understanding or an assessment of where things are so that you can make plans for the upcoming year.  It should be a time marker or progress check in.

Adapting Goals are good and we should all have them, and you need to check in with the progress against the goal.  Do not put a lot of pressure on your year-end other than to check in.  When you have disrupters that appear in your life it can pause your goals or even shift your goals.  Learn to make adjustments as you go along.

I have had a few of those in the past couple of years.  I started working for a company and had big plans and goals to do things.  There were expectations on me as well from my new boss and company.  In the two years I worked for the company a few things happened along the way.  My daughter got married, my physical health needed some serious attention, my brother died, I got to focus on my mental health, and I got to focus on my family relationships.  I got the chance to focus on the things I needed to without even knowing I would need to focus on them.  Being with that company gave me the chance to focus on those things.  Now I was not as successful with my job as I wanted to be, or they wanted me to be.  I did get to learn a lot during that time and now my goals have been adjusted.  I became aware of the shifting of goals during that time, and I got to learn from them and not be judgmental of myself or others during that time.

Is it time to make some changes?  Contact us here or get a spot on our calendar to find out how we can work together in the new year.