Adaptation – How Do You Adapt to Your Environment?

“The real menace in dealing with a five-year-old is that in no time at all you begin to sound like a five-year-old.” Jean Kerr

An excerpt from The Red Chair Experience. Order your signed copy here or get the digital or audio versions here.

If you have ever played sports, you will understand the concept of playing to the level of your competition. This concept can be the same in sales, in fact, you need to be at least conversing at a similar level to your customer.

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Doing Your Best Right Now

An Excerpt from The Red Chair Experience. Order your signed copy here or get the digital or audio versions here.


“Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment.” – Oprah Winfrey


Do you know when you are doing your best and when you are not? I’m sure you do. Maybe this is when you put your heart and soul on a project at work or doing a project at home, or in a relationship. Why is it that we feel that there are times when it is ok to not give our all?

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How Are You Earning Trust?

An excerpt from The Red Chair Experience. Click to get your signed copy or check out the digital or audio versions here.


“Men are socialized to trust women until evidence to the contrary surfaces; women are socialized to be suspicious of men until an individual man earns trust.” – Warren Farrell


Our society is built around trust and trying to find out whom we can trust. We have natural defenses built into our psyche and then we have the ones that are taught to us by those we are supposed to trust. We are taught things by those in leadership positions in our lives like parents, teachers, other adults, and extended family members.

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Building Value with Danielle Putnam of The New Flat Rate

Do you know how to build value? What kind of value do you build? One that is valuable to you or those around you? Can you transfer that value or better yet, help others to see the value for them?

Whether you are selling or a business owner you need to know how to build value, not just for you but for everyone else around you. As a business owner, you must learn how to help your employees feel valued. As a salesperson you must help the customer see the value in your product or service.

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Do you have a sales process and does it work?

  • What is a Sales Process?
    • It is a step-by-step guide to help create a consistent result. Proven and repeatable steps, yet flexible enough to allow for updates and changes in your marketplace or business.
    • A great sales process can help your team become wildly successful because it gives them a road map. You are removing doubt and replacing it with certainty. That builds confidence in you and your team!
    • Without a process your team is left up to their own devices. Which means that you may find wins, but is it consistent?
"Companies following a sales process can increase their revenue by at least 18%, according to the Harvard Business Review." Source: The Brooks Group

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It’s Year End – Time to Evaluate

How has your year been?

Have you dealt with adversity? Probably.

Did you have hardships? Possibly.

Perhaps you had your best year ever. Maybe you started a new job, new relationship, or welcomed a new family member this year.

How are you feeling about this year?

Aurora Borealis

As I look over the past year, I see a lot of things that have happened. I lost my father in February, welcomed my first grandson in March, and was hospitalized with COVID Pneumonia in April. I also finished a successful first year in business, finished writing my first book, and started a regular room on Clubhouse with a friend of mine.

Life is about perspective and this time of the year is especially prone to reflecting. Hopefully, you can and will take the time to reflect on the past year and see what can be learned from it and what could be improved. This is something that you could do every month, or even every week. Reflect on the the things that have been going on and what could you have done differently? That is how we grow and improve.

I hope that you get the chance to reflect and see what a wonderful life you have, even if this year was not a great year. One of my favorite movie lines is, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around every once in a while, you could miss it."

If you want to more information on how you can improve your sales team contact us and set up a free consultation.

How to Properly Follow Up

Do you effectively follow up?  Do you know how to properly follow up?  How is your follow up game?  Do you want to improve how you follow up and become more effective?

We all have struggled with following up.  When to do it.  What to say other than, I am calling to follow up.  You send emails that fail because you did not stand out above the other 100-200 emails that they received that day.

Follow up can be fun and productive if we make it that way.  In this webinar we talk about ways to follow up, how to ask the client when we should follow up, and discuss effective tools that you can use to do the follow up.

There is even a bonus video for you to check out if you are interested, the 1985 Peach Bowl that I played in.  Check out the webinar and the football game if you choose to.

If you have questions about Pricebook Plus you can contact them.  If you need help with your sales team and you want to have a 30 minute meeting to discuss how you can improve your team with the help of Coach Chris grab a time on the calendar here.


Bonus video, Illinois vs Army 1985 Peach Bowl game:




Sales Planning with Coach Chris

Learning how to plan your sales goals for the year can be a challenge.

There are a few things that you will need to know in order to make a plan and be able to stick to it even when the industry seems to be turned up on it's ear!

Sales planning is something you do every month and not just at the end of the year for the next year.

Check out the video as Coach Chris and Pricebook discuss how we can plan and the impact it can and does make on our business.

If you want help planning your sales for this year or next year contact us or pick a time and date on our calendar here.


Watch the video here:


“Patience is the companion of wisdom.” - Saint Augustine


Hour Glass

For some of us being patient is a difficult thing.  We want to get to the next sale, we want to win the fight, we want to overcome the next obstacle.  If you are patient, you can learn a great many things.  You can learn what your customers really want, what your boss is trying to communicate, what that person really fears.  You can hear things that are important to know for you to get that next sale, win the fight, and overcome that obstacle that is keeping you from the next level.  Learning to be patient is something that can take time and lots of practice.  We live in a microwave world, and we are used to instant results or near instant answers.  Nothing can replace the process that needs to take place for us to learn the lessons, yet we feel the need to hurry it along.  It is not too late to learn the lesson of patience.  Sit and wait it out and let it run its course and it will provide you with far great joy than if you rushed it.  We want the answer now and in sales we want to push that too.  That is what some people need our help with, making decisions, but sometimes it is necessary to let it play out.  If you have ever had a fine wine, great bourbon, or even a great meal, they all take time to develop.  There is a reason that a great chili tastes better the day after it is made, because the flavors take time to come together, and a good lasagna takes about an hour or more to make.  Patience can be a wonderful thing if you allow it to be.


What can you do to be more patient?  If you want help with this get on my calendar for a free consultation.  You can contact us to learn more here.