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Every day, all over the world, people are visiting their red chairs. Listening to themselves; listening to others. Whether it is a chair, a couch, a stream, a mountain top, or even a walk/run. Red Chairs are the perfect location for a # self-care break. Find your spot!

Join us on the journey not to get ahead of the pack, but to find your peace, joy, or contentment. To never stop pushing yourself and remembering to be kind. Red Chair Self-Care is a movement that is all about taking time for yourself, and in particular, taking a ????? from being ????.

I invite you to find your own ways of bringing self-care into your life through movement, mindfulness practices, mindful cooking, journaling, or whatever else sparks joy and helps you live your best life.


I hope this encourages you to find the time you need for yourself!TRCE - Podcast - Audiobook


The Red Chair Experience is available in all formats, paperback, E-book, and now on audiobook! Get your copy or send a copy to someone that is looking for that daily inspiration or motivation.

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