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I got the chance to sit down and talk with my friend and Red Chair Council member Mike O'Neill. Here is the podcast or you can listen to it anywhere you find your favorite podcasts. Don't forget to like it and subscribe to his show.

Episode 87: The Red Chair Experience: Daily Inspirations for Success in Life & Business with Chris Michel

You can find Mike O'Neill on LinkedIn or on his website Bench Builders - Executive Coaching

In This Episode, You’ll Learn…

  • What is the biggest thing that companies need to change in their sales efforts?
  • How do business owners know that they need your help?
  • What is The Red Chair Experience?
  • Why did you write The Red Chair Experience? 

Quotable moments from the show:

  • We need someone else to help us get that 30,000-foot view and detach from what we’re doing. – Chris Michel
  • Sometimes we can get stuck in life or on a project at work, and we cannot seem to find the solution. Sometimes it is fear that holds us in place and other times it is something much bigger saying hold on. – Chris Michel
  • Today, I will look for ways that I can give praise or affirmations to others and be open to the affirmations I receive. – Chris Michel

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