A Sales Process is Like a Baking Recipe

I recently got to be a guest on the Innovabuzz Podcast with my friend Jürgen Strauss. We are both members of Pick My Brain which is a community based on the opportunity to sit and chat with others about a specialty that they have. Check out Jürgen's profile here and check out Chris' profile here.

We had a lot of fun talking about:

  1. Value selling – who your customer is and what value are they seeking
  2. Building a sales process and how everything we do is, in fact, a process
  3. The Red Chair Experience - How it came to life and what it means

Check out the podcast below or check it out on Innovabiz.co


If you want to learn more about The Red Chair Experience you can go here and order your signed copy or outside of the U.S. you can order it here or here on Amazon e-book,

If you want to set up a time to meet with Coach Chris go here for a free 30-minute consultation.

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