Have you had a life long dream come true?

You have dream that you have been working on for a while. You have been putting in the work. Making the changes in your life, sacrificing, and now you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. You are at the starting line for the 5K you have been training for. You are on the plane headed for the destination that you have saved for years to visit. You wrote a book, it has been edited, and you finally have a book cover design that brings it all to reality. How are you feeling at this point? Nervous, excited, happy that this long process is finally coming to an end?

The Red Chair

I can tell you it feels very surreal. I finished writing my first draft of my book four months ago and that felt amazing. I then found a publisher and started the conversations and process of getting it edited and published. Motivation Champs have been great to work with and very helpful. Every step has been an adventure and I have learned something new at every turn. I keep taking the next step and it seems to get me closer and closer to the goal. The writing was cathartic, therapeutic really. Writing about things that I got to experience and now I am sharing with you the reader. Maybe you experienced something similar, or something completely different. I found that each chapter I wrote revealed something that I may or may not have realized was within me to discuss. I have learned to appreciate a good conversation with a relative, an old friend, and even new acquaintances. Emotions come into play when you are planning and then finishing the dream. You have seen what you thought it should look like and yet it may be something entirely different than you imagined and you love it all the more.

What are your dreams and what are you doing to see them come to completion? Is it writing a book, building a business, or something bigger and better? Don't stop believing in your dream. Take one more step today, if you can. Find the strength to get up and push forward where you need to. Do you need help, a guide along the path or journey, to encourage you and your success? Do not be afraid to ask. I bet someone is right there ready to help. Maybe you need a coach, an outside voice or perspective.

Now is the time!

Finish your journey!

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Do you need a coach to guide you? Set a time to discuss your plan or your dream now.


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