“Patience is the companion of wisdom.” - Saint Augustine


Hour Glass

For some of us being patient is a difficult thing.  We want to get to the next sale, we want to win the fight, we want to overcome the next obstacle.  If you are patient, you can learn a great many things.  You can learn what your customers really want, what your boss is trying to communicate, what that person really fears.  You can hear things that are important to know for you to get that next sale, win the fight, and overcome that obstacle that is keeping you from the next level.  Learning to be patient is something that can take time and lots of practice.  We live in a microwave world, and we are used to instant results or near instant answers.  Nothing can replace the process that needs to take place for us to learn the lessons, yet we feel the need to hurry it along.  It is not too late to learn the lesson of patience.  Sit and wait it out and let it run its course and it will provide you with far great joy than if you rushed it.  We want the answer now and in sales we want to push that too.  That is what some people need our help with, making decisions, but sometimes it is necessary to let it play out.  If you have ever had a fine wine, great bourbon, or even a great meal, they all take time to develop.  There is a reason that a great chili tastes better the day after it is made, because the flavors take time to come together, and a good lasagna takes about an hour or more to make.  Patience can be a wonderful thing if you allow it to be.


What can you do to be more patient?  If you want help with this get on my calendar for a free consultation.  You can contact us to learn more here.

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