Best, Better, Good Selling

Do you show multiple options to allow your customers to purchase your product or service? Why or why not?

Are there reasons to support this philosophy?

Best, Better, Good Selling
Actually, there is a lot of studies that have been done and we have referenced a couple of those along with several articles that help understand the reasoning behind giving your customers choices and how to present them.  Here are a list of the articles and studies that have been done to support this idea:

Pricebook Digital and I held a webinar on the topic of Best, Better, Good Selling and how it can impact your business.  In the webinar, we look at the impact of the correct number of options to show your clients.  Helpful hint, it is more than one.  Whether it is selling TV's, tires or HVAC equipment.  When people have choices they make better decisions and they make them more often.

So, what are you doing to allow your customers to buy what they want, when they want to?

Check out the webinar and then contact us to learn more about how we can help you get your sales team closing more deals today.

Watch the webinar here:  Best, Better, Good Selling with Coach Chris and Pricebook


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