What Impression Are You Leaving?

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Being in sales, this quote may challenge you to say not me.  You want to make sure that the message is getting across to your customer or that you were able to persuade them.  Yet, they may be thinking of nothing more than how you made them feel after you have gone and cannot remember what you said or did while you were in their presence.

This too is part of your “job” when you are in sales.  You think your job is to always “sell” someone on the ideas, products, or services that you and your company provide.  But maybe you are there to make someone feel good and that is what makes them use you and your company, products, or services.

Are you aware when this happens?  Can you tell when someone needs you to support them, or say what they need to hear to be comforted and feel better than they did prior to you coming into their life?  This is something that can help you be a better person and a better salesperson.  I have been with customers that broke down because they were overwhelmed by the idea of spending thousands of dollars that they were not ready to spend.  They just found out a loved one has cancer, or they had to put down their pet that had been in their lives for more than 10 years.  Having had opportunities over the years to meet people and become friends and we are still friends to this day, because I listened to them and was able to meet their needs as well.

I have also been on the other end of the spectrum.  We have all made a bad impression, did not listen, said something rude or condescending.  Pushed the customer away without realizing it or maybe I did realize it, but the words came out of my mouth and there was no recovering from it.  You get the opportunity to make an impression on people that you meet every day, whether you are in sales or not.  How do you make people feel when they are in your presence and when they leave your presence?  Will people remember how you made them feel?

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